Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 1

The Kates have arrived in Amsterdam!!! It was smooth sailing all thru the airports, and after a bit of trouble with the train ticket kiosk we successfully found our destination. We are staying in a hostel called the Stayokay, which is just outside of Vondelpark. Kate and I spent the morning (10am here, 2am back home) strolling the park in our new neighborhood. It's a gorgeous area, lots of dogs meandering about apart from people, and many garden areas that looked like they'd be lovely in spring. Today, unfortunately, there were no blooming roses, but what the park lacked in colors it made up for in wind. We had to go back for jackets to keep warm, but continued walking the city. We stopped at the Guiness Pub for lunch, then headed to the Van Gough museum after a much needed battery charging nap. Kate and i both brought music and looked at all the art with our own soundtracks. We picked up dinner from a market in our neighborhood and ate picnic style back at the hostel, which is currently being overrun by high school students on a massive field trip. Here's to hoping they're sleeping in our room! We've planned a big day tomorrow, so gotta turn in early. Good first day. lovefromkt


  1. Bring me back one of those dogs please.

  2. Hey Kato! Sounds like you are having a great time. I remembered the name of the place we used to tour the Red Light. It is . I know that there are other groups that offer tours, but this one advocates for and keeps sex workers safe with the proceeds from ticket sales.

    Have a great time!